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Kingtree iOffset contribution...

We have offset
CO2 / tonne
of unavoidable carbon emissions
As a business, we are making a difference
Our network has offset
CO2 / tonne
of unavoidable carbon emissions
Together we are making change
Total global iOffset
CO2 / tonne
of unavoidable carbon emissions
Making the world a greener place

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Projects that Kingtree has contributed to ...


Iberpapel, Uruguay

Silvipastoral system on 4,691 ha of degraded land. The project includes forest plantations for CO2 sequestration and supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) 4,8, 12, 13, 15

REDD+ Forest Management

Resex Rio, Brazil

The project covers 94,000 hectares of intact tropical rainforests, an ecosystem with the highest biodiversity and one of the most significant carbon sinks. The project aims to preserve a part of the protected forest and to manage the other areas in a sustainable and long-term manner.

UK Tree Planting

Ribble Rivers Trust

A UK based charity which has planted over 150,000 trees across 180 hectares, and restored 640 hectares of peat moorland, helping to lock up carbon and mitigate climate change.

Individually we can make a difference.
Together we can make change.

Offset Options

Life is easier in bite size chunks, so we’ve broken carbon creation into packages that you can choose to offset.

Footprints calculated by Mike Berners-Lee & SW Consulting

Offsetting made simple

We have created three lifestyle types to help you select one that most reflects your lifestyle and resultant carbon footprint.

Simply choose from the options below to offset the appropriate amount with either a recurring monthly payment or a one off annual contribution.



Based on 6 tonnes per year

Typical Lifestyle



Based on 13 tonnes per year

Typical Lifestyle



Based on 23 tonnes per year

Typical Lifestyle

Tax = 1.7 tonnes per person. All packages contain 1.7 tonne carbon footprint contribution to reflect emissions generated per capita from public services such as hospitals, schools, street lighting and roads.