What is carbon offsetting?

Simply put, offsetting is a way to compensate for your emissions (individual or corporate) by funding an equivalent CO2 saving elsewhere.

Carbon offsetting projects include renewable energy schemes such as wind, solar or hydro power plants and afforestation programmes. These projects are verified and accredited by the world’s leading carbon registries such as The Gold Standard (WWF), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and The United Nations.

Projects we invest in

Doing the right thing

We understand that offsetting is only part of the solution.

So what can we do as individuals?

The difference starts with us, making choices over things we can control.

As a growing family we realised that despite trying to source our utilities through green providers and recycling wherever possible our carbon footprint was still increasing. We discovered iOffset and for less than a takeaway meal a month we could offset the whole family. The kids have really got behind this and have even talked about it at school.

iOffset really have made it easy to do the right thing

The Dakin family, Leeds

Individually we can make a difference. Together we can make change

What can we do as a business?

Embrace climate action and the fact that you can make a difference through your team members, customers and suppliers.

Introducing Offsetting as a Service (OaaS)

This is where responsible businesses can offset any product, service or transaction. Learn more about what you can do as an individual or a business.

Trusted by leading brands

Discuss your company’s carbon footprint

Join with other businesses to redress your company’s carbon footprint and start a clear programme of reducing, offsetting and sharing towards a greener future. Call or email us to arrange a carbon consultation today on 01524 881207

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Collectively we are funding projects such as

Accredited by

The United Nations Climate Neutral Now Initiative is proud to support iOffset in their ambition to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions and we are pleased to see the concept of Offset as a Service being introduced by iOffset.

Miguel Naranjo, Programme Officer, UN Climate Neutral Now

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We are sharing our good news, recent press articles featuring iOffset’s endeavours, alliances and growth have been featured in...

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